Blue Mesa Review: Issue 29

Posted on 05.12.2014

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Here is the latest issue of Blue Mesa Review! Like I said in my last post about BMR, working for this magazine is one of the best things I get to do in the MFA program at UNM. And next year, I’ll be leading the magazine as the 2014-2015 Editor-in-Chief, which I am really excited about! Alongside the rest of the new board, we will be ushering BMR — a fledgling magazine when I first began working for it two years ago — back into print! After revamping the online presence of Blue Mesa Review, we will be printing a 25th Anniversary Issue, which will be out in September! I’m so proud to be a part of bringing the magazine, which has such a rich history, back into print.

I’m also really proud of this interview I did with Julia Fierro, who is so kind, generous, and really smart. Check it out, and go out and grab a copy of Cutting Teeth, which comes out tomorrow (May 13).